Friday Memo #3

This week brought with it some challenges and triumphs, as per usual. The main challenge is that one of my main characters let me know that she’s going to be fairly busy in the coming weeks, meaning she won’t have much time to speak to me. We set up a phone interview over the weekend that I hope will cover a good amount. She is still willing to participate and give me her time, its just going to be a little less than expected. This will allow me to explore other potential secondary characters in more depth to see what more they have to offer.

Since I’m going to be interviewing a geneticist soon, I have asked my main characters if they have any questions for her. In addition to my questions, they have questions that I would not have thought of, and I think it’s a good way to get them involved. They are experiencing anxieties about their own genes and how it can impact their children, so it would be a good opportunity for them to learn and have some of their questions answered. 

As the due date for the first draft approaches, I’m beginning to think that the first draft is going to look like mostly text, with one or two visual elements. For the first draft, I am going to have the website created and map out which visual elements will be where, but I think I should focus on the content before adding other digital elements. 

Other than that, next week I will continue checking in with my main characters. As per Asmaa’s suggestion, I am going to ask them if I can speak to their family and friends for extra comment since I’ll need more background information on each person. I’m also going to start compiling a list of questions for my expert sources. Once I meet with the geneticist, I will ask her to refer me to others like her.

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