Images of Mira Nabulsi

Hello, my name is Mira Nabulsi.

This is Double Tap Sustainable Fashion, my Master of Journalism major research project. It is a digital project that has been created to educate the public about the effects that Instagram has on our consumer culture which is ultimately negatively impacting the environment.

Here you will learn more about Instagram’s influencer culture, eco-friendly and sustainable clothing, the impact of fashion on the planet, and various solutions to this problem.

Double Tap Sustainable Fashion came from a personal experience I had with my own shopping habits and Instagram usage. I am a fashion enthusiast who has always liked to dress according to my mood. I do not have a specific sort of style but try to accommodate the many styles that I like to see. My closet is full of clothing, so much that it overwhelms me when I try to wear a specific outfit. Instead of looking for a particular shirt in my wardrobe I used to find myself shopping in order to find a replacement. This is where the inspiration began.

My small Toronto apartment closet was over-piled with all my clothes making it impossible to find anything, it was just a mess. This is when I started wondering why I always have so much clothes but nothing to wear. I was trying to pinpoint why that is and why my ideas of fashion were always changing. That is when I noticed the number of Instagram influencers that I followed on my own news feed which affected the way I shopped and dressed. I wanted to explore this correlation and understand the effects of fashion on the environment.

In my daily life I became a conscious consumer, in the sense of using reusable bottles, eliminating unnecessary plastic, recycling at home, but I was unaware of the implications that fashion had on the environment. The fashion industry is a crisis that has been uprising for a long time now but only when I started exploring the issue, did I really understand the implications it actually has on the planet and the need to discuss it more.

Furthermore, when trying to understand my constant need to shop for new items I was unaware of the reasons. Till one days I noticed how many images I had saved on my Instagram for outfits that I would like to own and wear one day. This is where I started to draw a possible connection that I wanted to explore further.

I hope this page inspires you to make a change in your lifestyle and help the planet that we call home become a cleaner and long-lasting place.