Friday Memo #3

This week I spent a significant portion of time organizing my files. After my discussion with April, I realized I still had a lot to do in order to actually start even sorting through them.

I tried to create a better organizational system and followed what Emily said Janice had recommended to her: start with the files you KNOW are quality, and try to leave behind the stuff right now that you know isn’t worth it.

I also started typing up a new structural chart for April based on our conversation last week. I’ll send it off to her on October 1 so we can review the layout of the project and its narrative.

I’m also writing out a first draft of my opening scene, which April and I decided will take place at the PEI Pride afterparty as well as the nut graf of the piece. These will be due on Tuesday, Oct. 1 as well.

I’m next going to start chasing some more of my expert sources. I think this may have a bit of difficulty – but I hope to get them locked down soon enough. I’m not planning on doing video interviews with them – just audio so I can write feature sections on them.

Other than that, the rest of my process for the week is just planning out my attack for October. I’ve mostly just been doing a little bit of writing and a lot of planning and organizing.

I’m feeling really good about my MRP right now – I’m trying to really parse through my audio and find good clips and figure out exactly what the visuals should be. This week in Podcasting I also transcribed one of my interviews. We’ll be mixing it next week for the class, and whether I use the mixed version or not, hopefully it will give me an idea of how I can mix the audio pieces in the final piece.

I learned a lot from our session with Kalli, and feel like I would love to learn more from her about how to craft my podcast elements. I love how she told us really what to look for when interviewing and how her pieces fully come together.

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