Assignment 3: Peer feedback matches

Your third assignment, due July 19 by 5 pm EST on your classmate’s blog post, asks you to read a classmate’s research and pre-interview plan and share your feedback directly on their blog post in a 400-word comment. You are expected to offer suggestions for additional sources, potential story directions, as well as links to videos, audio clips and articles that could help supplement their research.

I’ve matched you with your classmates who are working on similar subjects or platforms. You can find the spreadsheet with your peer assignments here. You must be logged into your Ryerson Google account to access the spreadsheet.

There have been some issues with people’s privacy settings on their blogs, but I think they have mostly been resolved. However, if you run into problems trying to access your classmates’ blog posts, please email them first and ask Lindsay for help if necessary.


Your comments will not automatically appear on your classmates’ blog posts. They go into a moderation queue on your WordPress dashboard. By default, you’ll receive an email notification if you have a comment that needs to be approved on your blog. But you’ll also know you have a comment awaiting moderation when you see a red circle with the number 1 next to Comments in the sidebar menu, example below:

When you click on Comments, you can read your classmate’s comment and Approve it. Please don’t edit it and do remember to Approve it, otherwise I can’t see it. Feedback must be posted on your classmate’s blog by 5 pm EST on Friday, July 19.

As always, please email me at if you have any questions.

Have a good weekend!

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