Reminders: Talk to your supervisor, apply for awards and come hang out on Google

Now that you’re a little over two weeks away from submitting your MRP Expanded Treatments (that would be on Friday, Aug. 30), I hope that you’re making serious progress on your projects.

If you haven’t already, please make sure you talk to your MRP supervisor, either in person or remotely, by Thursday, Aug. 15 (that would be tomorrow) to go over a draft of your Expanded Treatment. I’ll be checking in with supervisors before I assess your treatments to make sure that you’ve been consulting them on your plans.

You can find the details on your final assignment (worth 50% of your JN8501 course mark) here: Guidelines: Writing Your MRP Expanded Treatment (make sure you’re logged into your Ryerson Google account to view). A reminder that you must pass JN8501 to continue on to JN8502 MRP II – Storytelling Seminar in the Fall.

To reiterate, the Expanded Treatment is due on Aug. 30 before 5 pm EST. You must post it as a link to a Google Doc on your individual blog. You’ll note that the course outline asks you to submit a link to the treatment to me via email. Don’t do that. The reason I’ve switched it is so that the document is easily accessible to you and your MRP supervisor and is easy to find in the Fall semester when you’re taking JN8502 MRP II: Storytelling Seminar.

In addition to the Reader’s Digest Travel Fund, which will open for MRP-related applications in the Fall, there are two School of Journalism awards open to you. The Mark Gayn and James H. Carter awards both have a deadline of Friday, Sept. 20. All applications must be submitted directly to Tonisha McMeekin (

Mark Gayn Award:
Awarded to a Master of Journalism student on the basis of a major project proposal and budget submitted in Fall of the final year.
Amount: $1,000 (approximately)
Application Requirements: Project proposal and detailed project budget

James H. Carter Memorial Scholarship:
Three grants to be awarded on the basis of MRP proposals and budgets submitted in Fall of the final year. Eligible expenses may include travel, equipment and attendance at ticketed events.
Amount: $900 (approximately)
Application Requirements: Project proposal and detailed project budget

And finally, a reminder that our last Google Hangout will be this upcoming Monday, Aug. 19 from 8-9 p.m. EST. Check your email inbox for an invite.

As always, please drop me a line at if you have any questions.

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