Getting started on your MRP

Welcome to JN8501, the first course to help you develop your MRP.

This course begins the week of June 10, but you’ll be hearing more from me and Lindsay Hanna about setting up your project blog in the coming weeks.

The 2019-2020 MRP Guidelines can be found here. One thing to note, after a discussion with the graduate program committee, we decided to amend a line related to the need to produce “broadcast-quality audio and video” to complement the magazine or newspaper series feature stories. It now reads “To enhance these written projects students are encouraged to produce digital elements to complement their stories, such as photos, video and interactive graphics.”

Following up on the request to see examples of past MRPs, I’m sharing these four multimedia projects. It’s important to note that these MRPs were produced over the last three years and the quality of digital production varies. They are all, however, well-researched and reported and are reflective of the kind of work that is expected of the MRP. Please do not use them as templates for your own projects.

I would like to once again emphasize that the depth of research and reporting and the quality of your project is something that you and your supervisor will determine on an one-on-one basis. There is no universal model for your MRP (e.g. you need 30 interviews and 25 secondary sources) and please resist the urge the quantify your work in this way.

Reminder: Your 500-word project brief is due on Friday, May 3. Please email it to me at and cc Tonisha McMeekin.

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